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weird thing you have heard in VC


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last night i experienced some odd things from old women, whats the weirdest thing you've heard while playing VC?  :r*:

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Well, I only heard this once, but there was some old guy in a pretty sh*tty car, and when I yanked him out, he yelled, "Hey! I just got a BJ in that car!" It was so damn funny, and I've yet to hear it since... ;) I'll try to think of more funny stuff now. :)

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I also like when the P.I.G.s are chasing you, or someone and they say, "I'm gonna stick my foot so far up yer ass..." Oh man... :)

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Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

A cop: Don't make me run...

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Jasper Petrol

I heard a woman shout "I'm either sweating or I've wet myself"


It was something like that but I never heard again to verify it.

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A cop: " Dont make me run or ill get all sweaty"

A cop: " I'll chase you but ive had too many donuts"

guy in gta3 " You carpet muncher!"

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Heheheh. I like this once because the guy sounds so zoned out and lost, "That's stealing..." Heh, the obviousness of it makes it funny.


The cops are hilarious... Like when you get busted, "I want 10 minutes alone with this guy!" Hahaha...

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Casual Wear Tommy

"Take him in and beat him up" - VCPD

"I didn't do anything officer" - T. Vercetti

"I'll break yer neck" - PIG

"I take steriods mister" - PIG

"You're goin bye-bye" - PIG

"I'm gonna trash yer face up bro" - PIG

"You want a stick in the face pal?" - PIG

"Do you have the powder?" - Hatian gang member

"Chico, I've got 2 outboard engines..." - Cuban gang member

"You're going to get it in the face..." - Columbian gang member




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watch out I;ve got the death grip and my all time favorite: you gonna lick my butt in about 2 minutes.

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