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Hidden Packages, Only Found 99 problem


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I'm Searching for the packages and found all of them except number 41 on the map from www.gamefaqs.com. Its suppose to be In the alley around the building in front of the film studio but wasn't there in my progress save game, but what I did was I started a whole new game and wen't to that same alley and the package was there, does this seem wierd to anyone? for some reason as you progress through the game one of the packages randomly disappears on you, is it a Glitch or something? was curious if anyone else had this problem. I'm playing the PC version not PS2 :/

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This happens to a lot of people.  For me it was the package in the stadium parking lot.  I kept going to the south side to look for the package without realizing the north side looked exactly the same.  I went through the list like 50 times before I thought to check the other side and found the last one.  All I can suggest is to go through the list again and check them all once more.

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I dunno man - are you 100% positive you didn't get that one already??? BTW, use this map instead: http://www.all-vice-city.fr.st/

Yes I am 100% Posstive I didn't get that one yet because i didn't even start searching for packages until I got all the missions completed. I just think some how my save game file got f**ked up cause it was there when i started a new game to check that same area. I think I'll just start a whole new game from scratch, make it far enough to get the other half of the city unlocked and then get the packages first, then do the missions. I don't mind playing it over again, cause thats just how much fun the game is  :D I won't get bored of it ever



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