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help me please


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the game runs like a charm, great and fast graphics , sound is working good, no saving problems. BUT after about half an hour or sometimes even less i get a wierd blue screen and the comp reboots right afterwards!!!

i think i tried every damn thing i could think of and looked everywhere for guidence but no luck

if anybody here had the same problem or knows what to do in order to fix it pleaseeeeee reply

im geting very sick of racing back to the hotel to save the game after every mission :sui:

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hmmm the first thing that came into my head is your comp is over heating?


does it do it with any other games??


if you know what your doing take the side caseing off and try playing again if it still reboots,then there maybe a hardware prob,if it dont then your comp was overheating.


[edit] also make sure your fans on your cpu/graphixs card are working as well.



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i dunno, isn't a pc supposed to shut down instead of restarting if it's overheated???


still, check the temperature somehow. i have a watercooled system -it's not overclocked (yet)- and the average is 35 degrees C. if you have regular cooling this should be higher but not over 50-60 degrees.

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