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The 'Riot' Mission


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When I try and start the "Riot" mission, the game only gets to the part where it says the name of the mission on the black screen before immediately dumping me back onto the windows desktop without any sort of error message.  I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything to fix this, or provide a save just after this mission (I would use the fully completed save provided elsewhere, but for obvious reasons, I'd prefer to play as many of the missions as I can.).  Thanks in advance!

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have you happen to edit american.gxt with VICEGXT to change a car name or something?  if so then i may be able to help you. :O

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I've not edited any files.  This problem seems to be more widespread that I would like though.  I found a save game right after the "Riot" mission, and things were going just fine, but now two more missions are doing the exact same thing.  The "Death Row" mission, AND the "Four Iron" mission crash right after showing the mission name.  I am getting rather frustrated.  If anyone has any ideas, I would much appreciate them.


Thanks in advance.

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