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HELPPP! Savegame not recognized!


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Please help me (whoa, I said please, im gettin pretty good). I have played vice city for a while and all the sudden my savegame isnt in the menu anymore!!! I checked it out and the file in My Files\GTA Vice City User Files is still there. I didnt screw around with anything. Any ideas??? :/  :/  :/

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Not recognized... Have you edited the files or anything, or have you changed the Main.scm
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Try renaming it.


For example, if it was in SLOT 1 it'll have a "1" at the end of the file name.


Try renaming the file to a "2" or a "3" and check the corresponding slot in the game.


It'll probably be "GTAVCsf1.b", try renaming it to "GTAVCsf2.b"


(Just wanted to give the exact file name  :sigh: )



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no, i haven't edited them...

but i'll try that with the renaming, although i can't imagine why the game would simply switch the slot it's supposed to be in.

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nope, renaming didn't work. i didn't think so either. this sucks. it's the second time it happened. i also send the save to a friend and he says it doesn't work on his pc either. it's just plain weird. does anyone know how to contact rockstar about this? :angry:


p.s. what's main.scrn??? how should i have changed it?



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