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Funny glitch/bug type thing...


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I found an odd bug kinda thing...check it out, it's weird.


Well, if you know where "CITY SCRAP" is located (around Kaufman Cabs and South of Phil's Place), skip this next paragraph because it just tells you how to get there.


Starting from the NORTH Ammunation on the West Island, head directly South on the main road. After passing the Moist Palms Hotel on your RIGHT, take your next RIGHT. Follow this road as it heads WEST and then makes a sharp turn SOUTH and continue to follow it as it passes Kaufman Cabs. At this point, it intersects another road. Continue along SOUTH by kinda bearing LEFT at this intersection point. Now, take your first RIGHT into the first BLACK road (actual road) on your RIGHT.


Now, at the end of this road, it turns into what seems to be the city dump (has a sign above that says "City Scrap"). Enter this area and take a RIGHT. There should be a Trashmaster truck in front of you (not sure if this is always here or not...) and it will be sitting on a dirt road. Follow this dirt road, and you'll run into...er, a big piece of heavy machinery that you can't drive (but it'd be fun if you could :) To the right of this big yellow thing of death, there is a building that looks like a hangar made out of red-ish wood. (If you've completed the game, you might remember that Lance was a hostage here and you had to rescue him). Anyway, go inside the hangar. Look at the left wall (WEST wall). See the window? Ok. Now exit the hangar and go around and look at the OUTSIDE of the wall with that window. Uhh...where's the window? Keep running back and forth between where the window should be and where the window really is, until you drive yourself crazy. It's like some kind of crazy one-way portal or something...but I haven't found any significance to this. Just an odd graphical glitch or something.



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I was planning on reading it until I realize it was about 4 paragraphs of nonstop directions.


It's so confusing, I just can't follow it.  That, and I don't have enough brain power nor the will to try to follow it.



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