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Finding a caddy.


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So, I've been finding all the vehicles to complete the car list, and I'm on the third list.


Of the vehicles on that list, I'm lacking the caddy.  So, from my prior experiences it seems logical that there should be a caddy at the country club.  Well, I head over there and wander all over the place.  I've done this at least a dozen times and everytime I come up empty handed.


I've gone in the morning, evening, and afternoon, but to no avail.


Now, what I think may of happened is this:


On the mission where you have to kill the guy that's at the driving range I pushed all of the caddies into the water to shorten the length of the mission.  I'm thinking that this somehow has prevented the game from spawning more caddies, or am I mistaken?


Anyone able to provide some help?

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Happens to me to, but all I did was stop paying attention and one spawned without me knowing it!  So...just wait

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there is a caddy in a bush near the light house


if i cant find it just go near bushes and press trangle


its normaly a blue one  :p


if ur game is messed just use the cheat, or if ur lazy

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Well, I'm talking about on the PC version.


Are both of these replies in regards to the PC version?

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well, the cheat will mess up your game if you save and I think the caddy that is in the bushes is in the pc version too.  :D

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Well, problem solved.


After completing a mission it spawned me the beginning of some bridge, and a red caddy came by.


I chased him down like a ho.

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I just run around on the golf course during the DAY and you'll see them driving around.


The funny thing is, those stupid old Florida retired people NEVER stop in them damn golf carts!!


I should know, I live in a retirement community in Florida surrounded by 3 golf courses.  Trust me, THEY DON'T STOP!!




:wtf:  :wtf:  :wtf:

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