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Trial by Dirt


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i remember hearing about this for the ps2 version but i forget what the consensus was.. try a search and maybe you'll find something. i would do everything else u need for 100% and if u still dont have it u will know why. does "test track" show in ur stats?

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Well, try and do "Test Track" first. In the PS2 version, if you got a time of let's say 2:08, it would show in the stats. And then if you did the "Trial by Dirt" mission, and got a time of 2:02, it would show up in the stats, but it would say the same as the time for "Test Track", 2:08. So it would look like this:


Fastest time on "Test Track"                            2:08

Fastest time on "Trial by Dirt"                           2:08


Eventhough you made a faster time on "Trial by Dirt". Could be your problem.


Try and complete "Test Track´" first. :)

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