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Forum elements should be visibly highlighted when navigating them via keyboard (accessibility feature)


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Subforums/elements are highlighted when hovering over them with a mouse, but when you don't want to rely on your mouse and instead only use your keyboard you have no other option then to look at the bottom left corner to see the links highlighted there and navigate like that which is very inconvient.


I assume this is a problem due to the basecode of this forum, but maybe someone could make a suggestion to them?


Edit: Something that I have just encountered, but usually when an element on the website is highlighted and one presses Ctrl + Enter, the link/element will be opened in a new tab, but in this forum it opens a new tab and opens that content in the remaining tab, as well. The expected behaviour should be that page shouldn't be changed in the remaining tab.

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@wqx do you have an example image or example video? I'm having a hard time to imagine 😃

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This is me hovering over that element with a mouse and getting that highlight with a clearly lighter colour which is completly missing when one navigates through this forum solely with keyboard (tabbing through all the menu elements).


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