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Las Brujas ... In the wrong location

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I noticed many years ago while playing the game that there were some mistakes in many locations on the map which often find her name appearing (bottom right of the screen) in the wrong location. I am sure many players found what I found.

Anyway, I carefully checked the Las Brujas area in Bone County, which is close to the restricted area. I always noticed that the name of the region appears in the wrong place, while when you enter the abandoned western town with the same name, it turns into Bone County or to El Castillo del Diablo.

I tried to modify the coordinates using the info.zon file, and I also tried to search for instructions before making any movement. But so far I have not achieved what I want, and all the instructions are based on the names of the regions only, without specifying the meaning of the numbers written next to them.

Hence, I need someone to help me (and quickly) fix this mistake, please!


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15 hours ago, Papashvili said:

I tried to modify the coordinates using the info.zon file,

I suggest you to revert the changes.. Changing zone coords may cause unpredictable errors if you don't do properly..talking about zones.. you may need this map..


And you should swap the names by changing the GXT key inhalts.. (Text files in text folders). You can install this to program to change it..



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