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In Mission "Wrong is Right" laptop is not working


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I recently decided to start a new game of GTA IV and all was good till I reached the mission "Wrong is Right" where you have to go look for a persons whereabouts by first going to their house and finding out they are not home and you see their laptop in the living room then you go on their laptop to check their emails to find out more about their current whereabouts BUT whenever I get to the part where you have to open the laptop to check their emails it NEVER lets me go on the laptop and even the notification that says press "F" to go on the computer (The default key on my PC for opening computers/laptops) does NOT appear and when I do press "F" near the laptop NOTHING happens. I googled the problem and found out its an Anti Piracy thing BUT I have the STEAM version of the game so this is not supposed to be a problem for me since I bought the game on Steam and I know that even on pirated versions of the game this still works since back in the day when the game was fairly new and I was a teenager (I am 25 now) who was never allowed a games console or allowed to buy games because of my parents had to resort to Piracy to play PC games (which was how I got in to PC gaming) and used to play this game pirated back then and never knew of this issue and in fact had completed the game like 3 times with the Razor1911 crack and no problems but on the Steam version (I now buy games on Steam since I earn my own money which I spend myself on games) I cannot complete the game ALSO I WANT to and PREFER to play the Steam version because I want the GTA IV Steam achievements and would not be able to do this on the cracked version

Originally Posted October 5, 2021 by ZS GTA


I am having the same problem as this dude... Anyone know a fix??? I can't progress the game now

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