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graphic problem


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there is problem in graphics in some games, gta v , iv

in the photo, the red boxes in rear glass edges

I don't know what this problem is called
But looking at the white edges of the glass, you will know that it is not tidy


This problem also exists in GTA V, and both games have settings set to the highest graphics quality


my pc info:

ram 16gb

intel i7

rtx 3060 ti


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From what I understand you mean the edges right? It's due to lack of anti-aliasing, if you have nvidia and if your pc can handle it set it to 4K, (first control panel > manage 3D settings > DSR Factors, check them all, then in-game put higher resolution fitting to your aspect ratio), or download fusionfix that has AA and gives cleaner image.

GTA V has Anti-Aliasing so turn that on to avoid this or put higher res.

GTA IV didn't have AA, old game and not a good port. So only way is to put a higher resolution or with a mod like fusionfix.

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