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GTA San Andreas | Game Crashing during Gang Wars


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Unhandled exception at 0x77BCA7C8 in vehfuncs.asi (+0x1a7c8): 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000001.
    Register dump:
        EAX: 0x00000001  EBX: 0x000000F7  ECX: 0xFFFFDC01  EDX: 0x0097D240  
        EDI: 0x0000000C  ESI: 0x00000001  EBP: 0x0177F468  EIP: 0x77BCA7C8  
        ESP: 0x0177F418  EFL: 0x00210202  CS: 0x00000023   SS: 0x0000002B   
        GS: 0x0000002B   FS: 0x00000053   ES: 0x0000002B   DS: 0x0000002B   
    Stack dump:
        0x0177F418:  0097D244 00458E8F 00000001 00000001 00000000 0177F468
        0x0177F430:  00000001 BB9297E0 0053C0B2 01ACE428 0177F4E8 FFFFFFFF
        0x0177F448:  57E2240A 0177F468 566AE446 0053E986 50F0F75A 0177F4E8
        0x0177F460:  50F0FC50 00000001 0177F4B0 50F0B8E9 0177F4BC 01AC1878
        0x0177F478:  50F68A9C 01ACE428 7739630F 00000031 00000020 00000000
        0x0177F490:  01990000 00003700 00000004 0177F478 0177F478 0177F4D4
        0x0177F4A8:  50F63B40 00000001 0177F4C4 50F0FC02 01AC188C 00000001
        0x0177F4C0:  0177F668 0177F4E0 50F0E267 0177F4E8 0177F668 0177F648
        0x0177F4D8:  50F63B58 00000000 0177F654 50F10246 50F689A4 01ACE428
        0x0177F4F0:  00000078 000216CC 00000000 0177F648 50F63D85 FFFFFFFF
        base: 0x01580000   top: 0x0177F418   bottom: 0x01780000
    Backtrace (may be wrong):
        =>0x77BCA7C8 ignoreB+0x38a8 in vehfuncs.asi (+0x1a7c8) (0x0177F468)
          0x50F0B8E9 in modloader.asi (+0x1b8e9) (0x0177F4B0)
          0x50F0FC02 in modloader.asi (+0x1fc02) (0x0177F4C4)
          0x50F0E267 in modloader.asi (+0x1e267) (0x0177F4E0)
          0x50F10246 in modloader.asi (+0x20246) (0x0177F654)
          0x50F1013C in modloader.asi (+0x2013c) (0x0177F660)
          0x501B9800 std::_Func_impl_no_alloc<void (__cdecl*)(CPed *,int),void,CPed *,int>::_Do_call+0x250 in imfx.asi (+0x19800) (0x0177F66C)
          0x501B815E std::function<void * __cdecl(std::function<void * __cdecl(CPed *)>,CPed * &)>::operator=+0x13e in imfx.asi (+0x1815e) (0x0177F6D0)
          0x501B9659 std::_Func_impl_no_alloc<void (__cdecl*)(CPed *,int),void,CPed *,int>::_Do_call+0xa9 in imfx.asi (+0x19659) (0x0177F720)
          0x501B0CF4 std::_Func_class<void *,std::function<void * __cdecl(CPed *)>,CPed * &>::operator()+0x44 in imfx.asi (+0x10cf4) (0x0177F748)
          0x501BB7EB injector::function_hooker_manager<injector::function_hooker_base<5500093,void * (__cdecl*)(void *),void *,void *>,void *,void *>::call_hooks+0xbb in imfx.asi (+0x1b7eb) (0x0177F84C)
          0x501BA44F injector::function_hooker<5500093,void * __cdecl(void *)>::call+0x1f in imfx.asi (+0x1a44f) (0x0177F860)
          0x0053ECC2 AppEventHandler+0xb2 in gta_sa.exe (+0x13ecc2) (0x0177F898)
          0x00748DA0 _WinMain+0x690 in gta_sa.exe (+0x348da0) (0x0177F938)
          0x50F0FB94 in modloader.asi (+0x1fb94) (0x0177F958)
          0x50F0DE46 in modloader.asi (+0x1de46) (0x0177F988)
          0x50F0B83B in modloader.asi (+0x1b83b) (0x0177F9DC)
          0x50F0FBBB in modloader.asi (+0x1fbbb) (0x0177F9FC)
          0x50F0E202 in modloader.asi (+0x1e202) (0x0177FA2C)





Every single time I go into a gang war I eventually end up crashing. FYI , I do have some custom gang peds installed.

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