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Ability to earn signatures without having to be a member of a gang


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Hello Staff,


I think it would be nice if anyone with a good enough reputation could earn the ability to have a signature. By reputation I don't just mean likes but also things like how active one is on gtaf,  how many awards and community answers got, how many other positive post reactions like best bru and realistic steak are received, how old is account and maybe other factors I can't think of rn.

I may have a sig bc i became a member of llc, a certified gang, but im pretty sure there lots of members who dont wanna be in a gang but want and/or need a signature to promote their content to unregistered gtaf visitors.

Sure im glad i have a sig but i also want fair privilege, so to speak. Imagine you're a content creator who happens to love GTA but (also) does unrelated content, you join GTAF then you realize you have to join a gang to be able to get sig, but for some reason that creator doesn't wanna join or simply fails to join. That content creator now can't promote their content unless a member clicks on their profile which is significantly less likely. They want anyone to be able to reach their content but they simply can't.

If you never thought of that perspective, I suggest you at least consider adding the ability to gain signatures via leveling up.

Certified gang members can still have sig regardless of change btw.

Thank you for understanding.


Have a nice day,



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