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Help me to find


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First Question:

Is this ONLY???

If I complete more missions, will I be able to travel to other maps(cities)?


Where is the Train and the Underground?



Second Question:

Where can I find an aeroplane?

I only found helicopters!




Note that I'm on 30%!

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That is Vice City, yes. It's bigger that all 3 GTA3 islands all togheter, so don't complain.


There was no trains and underground subway lines i the 1980's Miami :sly:


There's only one plane in da game. It's called the Skimmer, and you'll get it after completing the mission "Dildo Dodo" at the Film Studio on Prawn Island.

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Well the closest you can probably get to travelling to other cities are either mods for the game or when you do the glitch where you fly underground...
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The only airplane in GTA: Vice City is the Sea Skimmer which you can find behind Interglobal Films on Prawn Island after you've completed the "Dildo Dodo" asset mission.


It's a lot easier and lot more enjoyable to fly than GTA3's Dodo which was a pain in the ass.


Yes that's all of Vice City but IMO it's more than big enough. I wouldn't say that it's larger than all of the GTA3 islands put together but there's still enough to cause lots of mayhem :D

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I wouldn't say that it's larger than all of the GTA3 islands put together but there's still enough to cause lots of mayhem :D

It is bigger. I remember how short a ride it was from one end of Portland to the other. I almost takes me 2 mins to drive from the Docks to the Hyman Memorial stadium in Vice. Also, the airport almost made half of Shoreside Vale, but even then, the Airport is smaller than Escobar International... Vice City IS way bigger than Liberty City. :)


And why are you repeating everything I just said, huh? :/

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If you want an "aeroplane" you have to download that Red Hot Chilli Peppers song.


But, however, if you want an airplane, you should complete the missions for the movie studio (Costs $60,000?) and it'll be parked on the water behind the studio..





Actually, I'm sure if you compared the square miles of both GTA 3 and GTA Vice, they would be the same size, except GTA 3 might appear bigger because it's 3 islands.



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