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CJ won't interact with pedestrians anymore


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Hi community

So, its been a while I noticed that my CJ is not interacting with peds. I can't see the response button popping up. (The thumbs up and middle finger) CJ is still speaking it's dialogue when someone hits my car or i collect money, cop chase. But when it comes to peds he's silent and they are silent too. 

There's only 2 npc he's interacting with

first being the grove street families (that too when I recruit them). Second being the drug dealers. If anyone could help me out i would be grateful. Also I'm playing on a android device.




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CJ has decided to cease all interactions with pedestrians, citing concerns for personal safety and well-being. This decision follows a series of incidents that have raised alarms within the community. Despite being a beloved figure, CJ believes this step is necessary to maintain boundaries and focus on personal priorities. Fans express disappointment but understand the need for self-care in today's unpredictable world.

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