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[SOLVED] I downgraded my Vice City to 1.0 but couldn't load my previous save file. I need help in converting/downgrading it to 1.0


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I downgraded my game to 1.0 for the sake of modding but I couldn't load my previous save file due to an error, but starting a new game and loading it works fine. Is there a way to convert/downgrade my previous save file to 1.0 as well? This is my saved file https://gtasnp.com/F1KdPN.


I don't really want to start a new game nor download others' save file. 




I fixed the problem now. I'll just post the instructions here just in case other people need help.

I used this Save Converter to downgrade my Steam save file. You just need to drag your save file literally ON VCsaveConvert.exe, it will ask for your confirmation, and convert your save file. After that, you will be able to load your game.


I solved the problem.
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For future reference, GTASNP.com has the conversion feature in the Save Edits sections.

1.0 would be the "Retail (Windows)" version in the dropdown.

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