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Stuck in "Caught in the Act"


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I'm using the PPSSPP emulator to play LCS, using a controller to play it and everything works just fine, but for some reason, my aim doesn't work at all in the Caught in the Act mission, I really don't know why and I couldn't find no one with a similar problem with mine.

Currently just using some couple of HUD and graphics mods, widescreen fix. I disabled the right analogic cheat but it doesnt seem to work. Am I really the only person in the planet with this problem? I'm holding the L button and the camera doesn't move, I mashed all the buttons and nothing works.

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Hello. Did you solve the mission? I just won it yesterday after countless tries. Now I'm 2 missions further. Since we right. Now the same game we could share Tipps.


I'm playing it on the PS Vita

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