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Design Your Own Mission Contest #12


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Decided to leave a review on the missions while at it:


RedBaron upped his effort for this one, really - he included a lot of detail in it, even though story wise it's not that much. The gameplay is where it's at: it's not as challenging as he makes it to be, but it does force you to think at times. While the antagonists could be better (since we know really next to nothing about them) can't say about the same about Alec Keith. He's one of the more developed characters in the entry, but rather feels bland later on as he's the basic "hero saving the world" type of character. Keith also acts very human despite being a cyborg, which I don't find that much appealing. I would've preferred if he was LEARNING how to become human.

It is "what if Robocop and Terminator were blended together into one" but I won't be complaining about it - you don't have to be original. It's the execution that matters: RedBaron did it quite well. Lore wise it could be better.


I consider the soundtrack to be arguably the best part of this entry: it's amazingly good. Especially by Raveled (the Far instrumental version) which I found the most satisfying. 


As again, good work for the voice acting. It sounds somewhat natural in some specific cases but that's all you can do for DYOM.


Marcelo by Stardust...
It did try something. It deviated from other entries with minimal gameplay and complete focus on story - but how it was done was poor. Yes, we do get brief information on Marcelo himself during the interview and then... It ends. Nothing else.

He ends up being bought by this white supremacist (okay, fair enough!) and I thought it would be more interesting from there, but it also abruptly ends because of cyborg Marcelo finding about John and refusing to cooperate with him.

This could've had so much more potential: introduce a CHARACTER ARC. Marcelo doesn't have to be self aware about right and wrong straight away (he's a cyborg!) and rather helps John do his unhinged and f*cked up acts, but then overtime Marcelo slowly comes to realize what the hell he's just been doing. He then decides to turn against John and stop him (this is just a vague interpretation, I'm sure more could've been added)


Quest for Peter
Don't know where to start here. First I used V8.1 (as it should be) and then the missions completely break: falling off from areas, nothing really loads, basically rendering it unplayable.

It was added while I was away from home so I couldn't test it proper, but then why would you use a BETA version for a DYOM Contest? Even then it had some bugs.

The only pros I can think of are the cheeky dialogue lines included in the mission. But that's where it ends, unfortunately.




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Gemu Baggu
14 hours ago, snowwy said:



Quest for Peter


Peter starts working as a computer doctor in order to buy his dream gamer PC, but things start getting very strange after he downloads a suspicious online game


- DYOM V7 beta 2 is required to play

- Made for DYOM Contest 12

- Please hate it and give feed back

Why DYOM 7? :)


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Yasa -
6 hours ago, Gemu Baggu said:

Why DYOM 7? 

Yeah, it also occured in my mind.

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4 hours ago, Yasa - said:

Yeah, it also occured in my mind.

The most odd thing here is that he chose a beta version out of all versions to choose (because these were made specifically for testing the next stable version which was under development, not for actual mission pack creations). I don't know why choose it over 8.1, which is easily the most complete official version of DYOM out there yet.

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manhunted cheseg

Voted on dark days are coming from red baron

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Manhunted cheseg's vote has been disqualified due to giving 0 (zero) points to a certain author, despite it being reserved for author's own entry, thus breaking the rule.





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Voted. Let the best one win. 

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Here is my detailed impressions of the Mission Packs of this contest, bare in mind that due to my lack of access to a decent PC as of writing these, I'll only be judging them through Horus' walkthroughs, and with that, I'll be foregoing ratings at this time.

@RedBaron. - Dark Days are Coming:



 Mission 1 - VR Training:



* I liked the audio cue you used just before the "jesus, it's been 9 years line", plus the audio used in the last cutscene.

* The training interior was well designed, liked the use of the garage doors as walls,  it's very convincing plus the runaway as the ceiling is convincing too, and the ground with already being concrete as is in the vanilla game, it makes for a believable looking training room.

* The VR Training sequence looked neat it seemed decently challenging however the parkour sequence didn't matter that much since I don't recall there being parkour anywhere else in the MP.

* Looked to have decent variety, from basic shooting to stealth, from parkour to driving it's nice stuff.


Mission 2 - Triple Threat:


* LMAO That old Aussie guy voice though. The USSR and terrorist voices were okay though.


* As it turns out, this mission not only takes place in Australia, but it gives us a lesson about Australia's geography and yes, I can confirm Brisbane is indeed not in North Eastern Australia / Queensland but rather in the outback known as Northern Territory, as you can see with the dry rocks and hot climate presented in this mission.


* Wtf is the metal tracks that plays during the movie studio assault and after like, I get it's meant to make you feel badass however, so far Keith in my books isn't that cool in my books we're in the 2nd mission and not much plot wise has happened plus, it's not a very patriotic track when you're killing terrorists it sounds like something you hear in a motorcycle club's bar.


* The last shootout looked decently challenging (based off my time viewing a walkthrough of it).


* The outback Australia area was, quite well designed it's very different to what you see in vanilla SA and makes the overall MP experience more interesting.


* The cliffhanger was good, revealing a mysterious wealthy person presumably talking about Keith as the cyborg.



Mission 3 - Lay It Down


* Good transition from the base to the company building with the use of a picture.


* Appreciate the addition of the logo you added to the location of the mentioned company in this mission.


* The usage of interiors felt natural to transition from one and the other.


* I dig that you hid pickups through breakable doors.


* The rooftop section was well made.


* The double plot twists with 1 about the leader of the bikers and the CEO I enjoyed a lot.


* Neat incorporation of using a texture to show was it's like in the perspective of Keith for when he uses his scan vision.


Mission 4 - Human Heart:


* Neat idea to connect a reverse version of the Big Smoke palace entrance to the start of the entrance.


Mission 5 - Redemption:


* The custom interiors looked very well designed.

* The minigun vs the choppers sequence looked quite good, the soundtrack fitted the situation it looked quite an adrenaline rush when Horus was fighting the choppers with his miniguns plus, it seemed to be a good decent challenge.

Mission 6 - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance(no the entire mission name isn't named like that just the last part)


* Discussion towards the interior will be talked about in the MP general section.

* The track during the ride to the Electrolythe building was quite fitting and good, driv3r OST is always or at least usually a banger.


MP in general:

Voice Acting: 


I respect the effort with the voice acting but, it's okay in my book. Keith definitely has the best VA performance by far simply due to minimal overacting combined with more natural speaking. 2nd best was the Indian sounding boss due to how natural the accent you imitated sounded. However some performances for some of the characters, are just, so bad that it's good, for an example, the old Aussie guy, HK, and the scientist.

Object placement:


Object placement is certain parts is quite good, especially mission 2's Brisbane (though I'm pretty sure Brisbane ain't rocky), mission 5's warehouse and generator room was well made and mission 6's space station especially was very well made, made it feel like a new interior. Plus the way you made the sun was quite creative.

the usage of the Caligula's meeting room was nice.



The soundtrack was varied, the first mission had metal futuristic tracks and drum n base tracks that I enjoyed; the parkour track was my favourite out of all the tracks in that mission. Tracks in mission 2 and 3 I had mixed feelings with due to how unfitting they were with the situation. Rest of the tracks in the MP it was alright.

The writing:


Writing wise it could of been better. 

Character wise, we got some interesting backstory with Keith which I found was alright. Scientist was okay same with everyone else.

Plot wise, at the first mission it was decently written had interested concepts like the jet feet scan vision etc, plus VR Training. 

However the 2nd mission it felt like the author couldn't decide making this a comedy or drama, as we have a terrorist attack on the streets of LS by an ex-USSR member and middle eastern which, was somewhat plausible. But, the inclusion of an Aussie who is a rogue soldier didn't get me laughing neither the Aussie-American joke, since, 1, someone already did that Aus US war joke before and 2, I was too distracted by that hilarious sounding Aussie voice lol.

Plus overall the writing meh, just a cliche terrorist plot taking over the US.

Mission 3's writing was eh. Mission 4's writing was eh as well though I'll mention that I appreciate the hint that was mentioned alluding to the mysterious white suit guy at the beginning of the mission being behind the imminent ill fate of the future of earth. Rest of it was eh.

The skins:


The skins were decent, some minor tweaks like the secret services agents were appreciated, however the skins for Whyte and Keith is where it's at; they're decently detailed for what they are Whyte's face especially since for a new skin, it's quite detailed, same with Keith's eyes. The main antagonist in the white suit though eh, low detailed it's an okay skin however at least it fits the SA style.

I did appreciate the musical stings you placed at the end of each mission.


@zeko - Anarchy Road:



Mission 1 - Digital Onslaught:



* Man from what I see of the object placement on the outside, it looks really good, feels very well done and makes the general area of Las Ventura's feel much different with it's vibe and the mix of different enough objects.


*Camera shots look really good, really appreciate the shot to the light on the ceiling in the interrogation room, with it panning to Evelyn. But the pans in general are very well done and quite varied.


* The custom animations are really nice, very smooth or at least, much different compared to the base game.


* The cars being blown away was a well thought out touch to cutscene, definitely adds to the overall enjoyablity of the cutscenes of this MP.


* The sniping section from the looks of the gameplay looks a bit tedious to get through based on Horus having to shoot an enemy 4 times mostly while in cover to get through that section.


Mission 2 - Hunting Ground


* Very genius cutscene in general with the cyborg transformation, like with the waterfall effect being used instead as a steam effect, the door opening along with the SFX of a door opening being used + the footsteps matching the tempo of her steps, and a excellent camera angle being used.


* The object placement in the interrogation room is very well done,  makes you easily believe this is a custom interior that isn't modified at all.


* The cutscene looked very engaging with everything I just mentioned plus the camera angles which, are very magnificent stuff, the writing is pretty intriguing especially with the unique lore this cutscene brings.


Mission 3 - Firestarter:


* Nice use of the Caligula's meeting room, mentioning that here because you don't normally see that interior used in DYOM due to it's of collision in the base game, and because you've used it here, it makes the interior variety a lot more diverse.


*The use of the invisible drone lore wise allowed for a very creative use of the camera, with of course panning and stopping. But that's the beauty of it because not only it makes the cutscene more engaging but also you see what's happening in the perspective of the enemy forces.

* Really dig the style you went for in the cutscenes, how the time and weather you used made it more stylised, with the green hues, the light being casted only on a part of the character's bodies like it is in a film, camera shots showing Baines against a dark background. In general just fantastic stuff.


Mission 4 - Overdrive


* Really dig the perspective switching, with you seeing the perspective of Sean when he sees the warehouse explode as well as his POV of the whole aftermath of Valerie's slaughtering, and the perspective of Valerie when the warehouse explodes.


* And even switching perspectives as you play as Sean going the bodies left by Valerie in the warehouse.



Mission 5 - Who We Are


* Really dig the touching moment you written for Evelyn, makes you all the more sympathetic and caring towards the character.


Mission 6 - (Don't fear) The Reaper:



* Dude that is a well written plot twist with them using Evelyn against Baines men.

MP in general:


Object Placement:
* Fantastic object placement in general, like, the outside very well represents a war torn wasteland that is Las Venturas, the interiors with enough modifications look very different enough for you to mistake as actual new interiors, and generally just, very creative use of objects really.



* Cutscene presentation is excellent, which there being many moments where the sound effects and music hit just right. Like when a door opens, the cyborg transformation etc, all of these really help the cutscenes feel a lot more engaging. 

* The way you convey tension in the cutscenes is really well done, with there being enough time for the viewer to digest what's going on combined with the writing leading up to something intense happening afterwards, making the moments where there is tension just great scenes.


* The pans are very good they serve their purpose pretty well and quite creative and varied in their use.


* The soundtrack is incredible. Suits the environment of the MP fits for the tone of the character you play is and basically, it's good old 80s sounding kickarse tunes that really the action.


* The writing's really great with how much captivating lore you've established, such as the uranium shotgun, the cyborg transformation process, etc. Plus, the characters are decently written with Evelyn being a character you can easily sympathise with due to her tragic past and her fate in the end. 




* The MP looks quite varied gameplay wise, you got a stealth section, shootouts, and a shootout with a jetpack.

The Mods:
Mods wise there's a lot that's here. Firstly, let's go over the animations.

* Mods - Animations:


* The animations included this mission are phenomenal. The death animations especially is really well made and it's a great inclusion. It's smooth, the movement of the animation feel natural and realistic or at least, plausibly real, and more over, really helps with the cutscene presentation.

* Other animations include the weapon stances, and the run walk and crouch cycles, which again, are quite well made. Not only is it well made,
but due to how different they are compared to the vanilla game's animations, it really makes this MP feel a lot more special and unique to play in. 

* However, let's not mention the genius idea to use a ped, covert the ped into an object and pose he or her, and import that object now a ped into the game. Initially I had mixed ideas in theory due to the ped being frozen still however in execution it's not that bad in fact it's great, since, with a unique not in-game posture comes with body language conveyed by the ped, and where there's added body language means an increase in cutscene quality, so bravo for the added attention to detail by using this new tech of ped posing you've used here.

Mods - Skins:


Now, let's talk about the skins. It ain't much, given no unique faces plus some are minor tweaks. But I do have to mention them regardless. 

* Aaron's skin is quite well made, extra props for it matching SA's skin style. The mask and helmet especially looks menacing, the overall uniform while not much the simple recolouring does make Baines' faction stand out more.


* Baines himself while he uses a already existing face plus recoloured army uniform, the added red beret and maybe modified texture wise, really helps him stand out as a character in this MP.


* Evelyn and Sean themselves, while using already existing SA faces plus wearing swat uniforms, it fits the MP well. However, the prisoner uniform that Evelyn wears later on, is very well made same with her injuries.


* Valerie though, well done on the look of her character. Really appreciate the effort done here on her character to make her more distinctive, with the custom jacket, shirt, pants and even the shoes. Solid stuff.


Overall, great job on the ped skins aspect of things. But let's not mention the weapons on display here.

Mods - Guns:



* The gun sounds for these weapons are great. All of them feel punchy have weight and overall feels all the more satisfying to kill a bad or good guy.


* Great work and effort has been put into the creation of these guns. Let's start with the futuristic sniper, very stylish and sleek, with the 2 tone colour palette, the unique looking stock, and overall, the look of it is very phenomenal. 


*The shotgun as well, brilliant idea to make the shotgun use uranium rounds and have them be able to penetrate armour. By itself, the shotgun is already well made with it being a stakeout. But with the mentioned rounds, not to mention them being shown on the shotgun, it makes this gun all the more, iconic looking.

Overall, the guns is this MP are just very well done.


@Stardust101 - Marcelo:

Since this is a short MP with minimal gameplay, I'll just talk about only the MP as a whole.


MP as a whole:



* Soundtrack was obnoxious, as it played only 1 track through the 3 missions, it sounded pretty generic sounding it wasn't that atmospheric of a track and the track just felt repetitive. 


* Wish we had gotten more backstory of Marcelo I mean, we know he's an author of many books his written, we hear his stance on technology however, we could of heard of how technology benefited him a lot in the past how AIs felt more convenient or helpful than a human.


* I do like the idea of merging human organs with technology I mean it's plausible and it's a pretty good idea.


* The ending, was very disappointing. All it came to was the white supremist destroying the robot, then exploding killing them both, and then, ending with a quote. Honestly Stardust could of added another side of the whole cyborg conflict like there could of been people against this. However, what we get is just missed potential that didn't amount to anything at all. Very painful to see.


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so you voted without playing all entries

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