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Rockstar artwork


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Ive tried to find this image, and I cam back to here on the forums but that topic seems to be deleted now. Does anyone knows the origins of this image?


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Moreover this was the deleted post
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Cool artwork, there are quite a few references to Rockstar's games in this artwork that I thought I'd write down because I'm bored:


-The Bullworth Mascot on the top left.

-The Buzzard next to the mascot.

-The Merryweather eagle on the top middle with Chop's collar underneath, the teddy bear above is probably Mr. Raspberry Jam (RIP).

-The Ballas logo on the left next to a razor blade and the Families logo on the right next to brass knuckles.

-GTA V's AP pistol on the right and other weapons from V I assume like a Molotov cocktail, a minigun, a crowbar and a sticky bomb on the right edge and a knife, an AK-47, a grenade and a baseball bat on the left.

-There's also a spray-can between the knife and the AK-47 which I assume is a reference to San Andreas or Bully.

-Gas masks on either sides of the logo, the one on the left is definitely the Bugstars' gas mask from V, the one on the right is probably the other variant that you can wear in Online.

-A pill bottle on the lower right which I assume is a reference to Max Payne's painkillers.

-An ignition key next to the pills sporting the Truffade logo.

-A paddle on the lower left from Table Tennis.

-The Dune FAV from Online on the lower right and what I assume to be the Banshee on the opposite side.

-Right next to either vehicles are IV's Statue of Happiness on the left and V's bikini girl on the right.

-John and Arthur's hats and revolvers in the lower middle.

-A Five-star wanted level (it should be six as I think it's more memorable but whatever).

-A police badge above the wanted level, I don't know if it's meant to be the LSPD badge as it looks a bit different.

-A rocket launcher under the Banshee and the skateboard from Bully under the Dune FAV.

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