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Monthly Event (April 2024) - Save Unsuspecting Towns with Call to Arms Bonuses, Bonuses on A Land of Opportunities Missions, Telegram Missions, & More!


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This month and until 29th April, it's time to cause some mayhem from New Austin to Lemoyne with big bonuses on Free Roam Events and Missions; save unsuspecting citizens in Call to Arms, bring your friends to the multi-part Land of Opportunities experience for bonuses, alongside bonuses on Telegram Missions, a new community-inspired outfit and more.


Much like the GTA Online posts, it is a preview so information may be subject to changes or corrections.


We understand that not every Event will be to everyone's liking, some will certainly be more exciting than others, but anyway...

Let's get started!


It's Yee-Haw Time with Bonuses on Free Roam Events and Missions, and Call to Arms

Across the five states there is no shortage of madness, whether that's Marko Dragic's weird contraptions that seem to be a good century ahead of what they should be, or a drunk cowboy stumbling into a pond in Lemoyne and getting their head eaten by an alligator. All charming events, but seemingly not enough for many! This month, Free Roam Events and Missions are on a big bonus, for all those cowpokes who wish to make the populace's lives just that little bit harder.

If you'd rather save the locals from disaster however, double the Gold is being offered for completing Call to Arms rounds, alongside a boost for your Ability Card XP so your sharpshooting becomes even sharper.


  • 2x Gold on Call to Arms
    • Reach Wave 10 in Call to Arms to receive the red and orange Ortega Vest 
  • 2x Ability Card XP on Call to Arms
  • 3x RDO$ and XP on Free Roam Missions
  • 4x XP on Free Roam Events
    • Participate in any Free Roam Event anytime this month to get:
      • 2nd – 8th:  Red and Orange Furred Gloves 

      • 9th – 15th: Offer for 40% off an Ability Card Upgrade 

      • 16th – 22nd: Black Pelt Half Chaps 

      • 23rd – 29th: 3 Fire Bottles and 3 Toxic Moonshine


Misc. Bonuses, the Hardcore Featured Series Continues, and Get Triple for A Land of Opportunities and Telegram Missions!

Part of making money as a cowboy around 'these parts' is to take jobs from strangers - most times things go quite well, other times quite horribly and perhaps you have to kill the person who gave you the "job" at the end of it anyway. Regardless of who they are and how reliable they are however, they're giving triple for the co-op multi-part Land of Opportunities missions (bring a friend!), alongside Telegram Missions!

For those who like a challenge, the Hardcore Featured Series continues, with bonuses on the Featured Series as a whole!

Perform several actions across the wilderness for extra rewards this month as well, listed below:


  • 3x RDO$ and XP on Telegram Missions
  • 3x RDO$ and XP on A Land of Opportunities Missions


  • 2x RDO$ and XP on the Featured Series
    • 2nd - 8th April: Hardcore Head for the Hills
    • 9th - 15th: Hardcore New Austin Series
    • 16th - 22nd: Hardcore Showdown Series
    • 23rd - 29th: Hardcore Pro Series


  • Complete 3 Daily Challenges to receive an Offer for 40% off a Coat, Premium Cigarrettes and a Reward for 5000 XP
  • Purchase a Weapon Modification to receive 50x Repeater and Rifle High Velocity Ammo
  • Craft an item at Gus' Store to receive an Offer for 50% off the Navi Revolver
  • Complete any A New Source of Employment Mission to receive the North Tumbleweed Treasure Map 



By @Leftover Pizza (source)




This month and until 29th April, outlaws can find discounts on an assortment of horses, weapon customisations, bows and arrow for the most elementary (or not!) of fights, alongside some clothing items.



  • Fast Travel Fees waived


30% off

  • Arabian Horses
  • Hunting Knife Style Customisations
  • Shotgun Style Customisations
  • Bandoliers, Boots and Hats


40% off

  • Melee Weapons
  • Shotguns and Shotgun Ammo
  • Improved Bow
  • Arrows


This Month's Community-Inspired Outfit

Every month in Red Dead Online, Rockstar selects an outfit inspired by a content creator's own imagination, and this month, the appropriately named Riding in Style: Wild West Fashion on Youtube got the highlight! And it also appears they hail from the same country as the very spider writing this current text ;) With a whole channel dedicated to specific styles and fashion for all cowpokes of all origins and identities, there's much to choose from by giving them a view, but also by checking out Rockstar's choice for this month, all free, with the items listed below:




A specialised image of this month's Community Inspired Outfit will be available from R* themselves.


If you're looking for some of that rare Limited-Time Clothing, a few items return this month

  • Eberhart Coat
  • Carver Pants
  • Strickland Boots
  • Gardenia Hat


More info on the Rockstar Newswire


<- Previous Event Month


As this is a preview, any information in this post is subject to change and any corrections or missing details will be added as found.

The descriptions are my own creative descriptions of things and are not information given by Rockstar or official game lore, unless otherwise specified. A simple brief + list of the Event is given to fan pages - all descriptions, parody, etc. are my own.

Edited by Spider-Vice
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Covered Wagon Fan

FFT.  Free Fast Travel.  Yay!!

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Great timing. I still have some A Land of Opportunity missions left to go. And FFT is awesome.

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Two disappointing months in a row, the  community outfit look ugly.

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