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DYOM Awards 2023 - Winners!


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We hereby present...




The winners of the 2023 DYOM Awards




Field of Nomination Winner Award
DYOM Modification
Best Overall Member @RedBaron. Induction into DYOM Hall of Fame
Best Mission Designer @zeko Site Moderator
Most Creative Designer @RedBaron. Promotion to DYOM Senior Designer
Best Gameplay Designer @zeko Promotion to DYOM Senior Designer
Best Story Writer @Jimmy_Leppard Promotion to DYOM Senior Designer
Best Newcomer @TonyKitaab / @manhunted cheseg Induction into DYOM Hall of Fame
Most Improved Designer @RedBaron. Induction into DYOM Hall of Fame
Best Mission Paulie Sindacco Sends His Regards by @RedBaron. Pinned on the website
Funniest Mission Joshimuz Gets WR by @Stardust101 Pinned on the website
Best Mission Pack/Storyline San Andreas Adventures: Los Santos by @FlexiveFowl Pinned on the website
Most Promising Mission Pack/Storyline Rouge Redemption by @MelonDoge30 Pinned on the forums
DYOM Sub-Forums
Most helpful in DYOM forums @AnDReJ98 Site Moderator
Biggest Contributor @MiranDMC Induction into DYOM Hall of Fame
Best DYOM Video True 100th Episode Of DYOM: Joshimuz Missions Special by Joshimuz Video featured on the website
Best DYOM Tutorial AudioFX 2.0 Tutorial by @Kokos_ Video featured on the website
Best Topic in DYOM forums MOTW Discussion Thread by @AnDReJ98 Topic stays pinned
Best Review maker @AznKei Induction into DYOM Hall of Fame
Best DYOM Youtuber AznKei Channel featured on the website
Best DYOM Addon DYOM Editor Tool V0.95 by @MiranDMC Topic stays pinned
DYOM Website
Best Moderator @RithRake24 Site Moderator
Best Looking Profile @Yasir_RFL Profile featured on the website
DYOM Discord Server
Best Poster @RedBaron. Special Discord role
Best Modder @RedBaron. Special Discord role
Funniest Member @zeko Special Discord role
Most Helpful Member @MiranDMC Discord Moderator
Biggest Drama Queen @manhunted cheseg Drama Crown
Biggest No-Life @manhunted cheseg Help him get a life
Worst Trash Talker @manhunted cheseg Muted for a year
Designer you would like to ban @manhunted cheseg Banned







  • The Most Wanted New Feature people wish for is Spooner Tool.
  • Crash at the end of a mission was voted the Most Annoying Bug.
  • Most Wanted Category for the Next Awards is Former Member That Should Return.
  • Most Wanted Improvement on the DYOM website is Complete Website Redesign.
  • Most Annoying Bug on DYOM website is Youtube videos not working.
  • Best Soundtrack and Best Cinematography categories were skipped due to invalid nominations.
  • Due to being tied in the same category, @TonyKitaab and @manhunted cheseg will both be rewarded.
  • Additional Discord roles will be assigned to winners in our DYOM Discord server.
  • The awards will be handed over in time - be patient



Results (source):

































































Special thanks to these people - without them none of this would've been possible. Every vote counts!











Manhunt cheseg

martinovich (martin_strada)









We would like to thank all voters for their co-operation, everyone for their patience and congratulate all the awardees.


DYOM Staff

Edited by AnDReJ98
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Alan Eastwood

How you get muted and banned at the same time, goddamn that's funny.

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5 minutes ago, Alan Eastwood said:

How you get muted and banned at the same time, goddamn that's funny.

Only @manhunted cheseg has that power.


Hey everyone. Wow, it's already been 4 years since I joined DYOM. Time flies when you're part of a great community.


For me, these last 4 years have been full of ups and downs, and sometimes I think the downs were more frequent. Life ain't always been easy, but one thing that has been consistently good is this community. DYOM means a lot of things to me: joy, fun, creativity, ambition, endless drama, good times.


I am very happy to have won an award this year. Joshimuz Gets WR is a dumb mission I made in 10 minutes, but I liked the result, and I loved seeing Josh laugh while playing it on his stream. 


I'd like to congratulate my fellow Brazilian homeboy @RedBaron., who dominated MOTW this year by making the most creative missions I've played in a long time. The man sure knows how to make a fun mission. He deserves all the praises.


I also would like to talk about our Palestinian brother @MassM. He designed a wonderful mission pack this year called Token. I wish things were going great for M, but since 2023 he's been living in the middle of a warzone on the Gaza Strip. The situation over there is dire, and it's extremely upsetting to see one of our buddies amidst all the horror, death and oppression that's been unleashed on Palestine recently.


Congratulations to every single member of this wonderful community. Let's make 2024 a great year for DYOM.

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Congratulations to all the award winners. 

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Congratulations to all winners! I hope I served well as a newcomer.

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Thank you for all the awards, never thought i'd get here. 

If Uni lets me, i'd be interested on reaching my original goal with the MOTWs win counter, doing at least 5 MPs, and try to continue my Germanica channel for a little while when i get my mic fixed up. Big congratulations to all other winners besides me, too. Especially, Stardust as well, as he's a good friend of mine. Hopefully we can start developing a MOTW soon, just waiting for Andrej to give me the greenlit, and seeing as how they're so busy, it'll probably take me 2 or 3 days for them to accept my request.

Edited by RedBaron.
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I just want to say congratulations to all of the winners :)


Happy dyoming, 2024 will be a lot of fun making those missions.

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Thank you so much for the best Mission pack award. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Late to the party but I'd love to thank everyone who voted for me for Best Moderator! It warms my heart to see that I'm valued by the community.


I'm getting busier and busier in my life and barely seeing any free time, but I'll continue to try and give back to the community which gave me joy back in my late teens.

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