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Downtown Sparrow Mission


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I cant find the downtown sparrow mission.

I tried going around the walkway.

Its not there!!!

Do I have to go up the elevator?


(i havent beaten G-Spotlight yet, though)

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can't remember which one is this. i need a refresher please.

Well, they're not going to join your gang if you keep spamming their inbox and you get banned for it, now are they?



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Go away, then go back, if it doesnt work do it a few times more, if it still doesn't work then tell us
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Striker 08

Easiest way to find it is to grab a chopper and fly around looking for the parked sparrow.  I think you may have to complete some mission first to trigger the heli to appear there though because I remember being in the spot where the downtown sparrow mission starts earlier in the game and there was definatly no heli there.  :rampage:

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