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New GTA VI Theme


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Is there a way to turn the theme off in the VI section?

It's not a bad theme by any means, I'm just a big baby who hates change


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On 2/25/2024 at 9:39 PM, Spider-Vice said:

I... don't think that's Tom Petty anymore. :kekw: 

Oh thank god. Now I set the theme as default. A tiny nitpick I still have is Lucia and Jason on the very left - Jason's arm looks pretty weird here and it's a bit strange tbh. Maybe we can adjust the lightning there a bit or choose Lucia and Jason in the hotel room or in the grocery store instead?

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Carl Theft Kumar

WTF? Just found this topic today. What else am I missing?


Edit: This theme looks good asf. Whoever made it cured my vision problems. Keeping it fr 💯

Edited by Carl Theft Kumar


We're bad!

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