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>> Secret Places <<


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Hey, post how and where to find secret places here.  This is a kinda followup from my marcosbistro/love fist studios topic, which proved to be quite successful.  So here are the secret places I know of so far which are available to see.  


MARCOS BISTRO -its in the ocean view hotel,and can be seen using the rocket launcher/vice city trainer, jetpack mode.


KENJIS GARDEN  - its possible to drive up the side of the casino and into Kenjis garden.


LOVE FIST CONCERT VENUE- u can only see the fire, but its still pretty good.  use the rocket launcher, vice city trainer jetpack mode to see it.


please post your ways to finding secret places.   I heard some have been able to get in donald loves garden. wow!


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Yeah, well, I found Donald Love's garden recently. Here's how to get in it:



On top of the Love Media Building, in south Staunton Island.


Without cheats


Impossible ;)


Using the Ultimate Trainer v3.5


Get to the bottom of the Love Media building. Blow up your car, and hit LSHIFT+2. The car should start acting funny, and if you get it right, it should positiond itself horisonticaly in the air. Jump on top of it, and hold LSHIFT+2. The wreck will now act like a sorta elevator, and bring you to the top, very slowly. If you're close enough, you should be able to jump into the garden.





Using the GTA3 Admin Console


I suggest using the heli mod along with this. Well, just fly up there :colgate:








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Hmm, yes, I've found everything in GTA3...  In fact, I even moved Donald Love's garden next to the safehouse on the 3rd island.  Rather convenient, I think, having a garden by your house  :D

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Very nice, I think maybe this should get a pin for people looking to find secret places, and if I find any I'll post them :)
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hey, thnx for the complements gnobe :)  im glad to see people are taking this seriously.  Wonderful pics azazel, well done!  


oh, and vicetopia, how did u manage to move it?  i'd like to do that if possible.  thnx guys. :D


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