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What to do next?


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What dot I have to do after bying everything and playing every mission I can play?? (How to get to the Kill Lance Vance mission)


I already did all the property-missions I can imagine, in the car-showroom I have all the cars, and I did all the races. I own these property:


The Malibu

Print Works

Film Studio

Ice Cream Factory

Car Showroom

Taxi Company


Pole Position Club

3321 Vice Point

Links View Apartment

El Swanko Casa

Ocean Hights Apartment

Skumole Shack

Hymen Condo

Highest Media Attention: 690





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well, there are missions for the pole position club that you only get after you watch the girl do her striptease for a while (i think you have to spend $600 im not sure). so if you havent done that, then its probably what you're missing

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Have you done the "Vercetti Estate" missions? If not, go inide the mansion, face toward the fron door, then take a left, and go straight until you enter a little room. Its where the bar is located in the mansion.

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How do I spend money in the club? Nothing happens to my money when I watch the girls.

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You sit with the lap dancer and money gets taken out of your pocket (so to speak) and when 300 has gone you have done it

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It would be nice to add that this stipper is in a cabin on the other end of the  club.. it takes a while so in the meantime you could watch some television or something..

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