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Ever want to roleplay as police but cant because you rely on other players playing civilians? Ever wanted to play LSPDFR on PS4? Do you regularly go director mode roleplay as a police officer? Hopefully i found the solution to make that even more fun. Currently working on discord server with randomized list to create scenarios, BOLO's, call-outs by randomly selecting vehicle descriptions, vehicle color, and suspect descriptions. The lists also conducts plate checks, ID checks, and searches. Enhanced roleplay bot will help conduct actions such as  refueling your vehicle during patrols, cuffing suspects , searching suspects, jailing suspects  and etc. We also would be patrolling the AI's driving and getting any dangerous drivers off the road . Discord server will have link to state statues so we will be keeping track of offenses and arrest each member makes which will be taken into consideration for promotions and such. Looking for serious roleplayers that want the authentic police feel with out the need for players to roleplay as civilians. Looking for players that would like to help with the server and make it a better roleplaying experience. I am open to Ideas as well.  PSN: killa_junn401

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