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The Driver Mission

Striker 08

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Striker 08



The nimrod gets a Sabre Turbo and I get a standard Sentinel?


Having big problems beating the mission called The Driver at the Malibu.


Does anyone have any suggestions (besides cheating)?


I've tried beating him in a straight fair race, tried putting his azz into the wall, got pizzed at the cops for screwin me at the end of the race and shot a few making my warning level 3 stars then raced with that.  That was kinda fun b/c he ran into the road blocks but the cops were still only after me an I got my tires popped.  Is there a Nos button I'm missing :)  ?


Ugh   :cry:

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just make sure he doesnt get the better of you. when you are in a position to set him up, i.e. bump him to spin out or go in another direction, dont hesitate.

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Try to cut every corner. eg at first bridge, pull in behind him, then on long slow sweeping bend, go to left hand side of road and onto kerb. use the handbrake to your advantage. if you turn just before the bend you'll do a slide with the handbrake leaving you straight on for the next straight.

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The sentinel is a pretty godd car once you get it going.


This mission demands good driving skills and if you dont have em just practise and it´ll come.


I completed this mission the 2nd time i tried (damn coppers rammed me just outside the hospital). There´s a great opportunity of passing him right at the start when you cross the that goes over a bridge, the traffic is usually heavy here and stupid hilary likes to ram the poor trafficants and if you can go pass here without hitting anything you should find yourself in the lead if you dont its no biggy just try to stay behind him until the hospital arrives and the coppers try to band u. just brake really hard before the turn and the pigs will miss you and hit hilary and you can just cruise your way to the finish line  :D

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My tact was: get an early lead (right at the start of the mission, as mentioned above, you have some good opportunities). Once in the lead, maintain it by not making any mistakes. And in the 2nd part of the race, you'll have the chance to build up that lead on the long straighter sections of the track, where the Sentinel has time to get to full speed.


edit: at one point i restarted the race right after losing it - so i still had my 2 stars wanted level right at the start of the new attempt. The result was cops popping up even sooner and the other car "dodging" them by ducking into the completely wrong alley. If i hadnt nuked myself off some ramp and landed roof down, i would have won that one by miles - maybe also worth a try. Although Hilary's reactions will probably differ from race to race...



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Striker 08


So Ive been at this thing for a while longer now, its just so damn frustrating b/c my computer only has 128 meg of memory so I have to restart the computer after every 2 races or so to make it run smooth.  This thing is a laptop so it will cost much to upgrade the mem and I'm buying a new one as soon as Alienware gets off their azz and puts the Mobility Raedon 9600pro in their laptops (have to have a laptop for my college). :sui:


Anyway, tried the trick of putting a cheetah by the police station and grabbin it.  The first time as I was workin on catchin up it said mission failed...the nimrod (cant remember name) died!  Must have been some freak accident he got himself into.  The second I was just about to pass him when a cop broadsided me and I of course lost the race.


Try try and try again.... :rampage:

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One time he died on me! The otheres I cant get enough speed at the begining to pass him and on my pc the car's controls are wild!

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Brenteus Maximus

i actually found that mission fairly easy. i beat it my second try. the first he got way ahead of me bc i missed a turn. all i did was the second time was force him to spin out near the first bridge you pass by at the beginning of the race. he caught up to me but i forced him to spin again and i got a hge lead on him. he never caught me after that.

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