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Havana gang suit


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i found the Havana gana suit here




but when i get inside the store, i can't move any further to the suit, seems like "something" blocking my way.




has anyone experienced the same?



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Erm... you double posted. :/


But yes, I have had the same problem. Apparently, there is an invisible wall blocking your way. I thought at first to be a glitch in my game, since I could access the suit pickup before, but suddenly I could not. Strange...

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Striker 08



This is a common problem.  There was a thread about a week ago where a bunch of peeps basically figured out that the "invisible wall" is there once you complete all of the cuban missions.  Untill Rockstar releases a patch to solve the problem there is only one way to get it.  I have not tried it and would give credit to the person who came up with it if I knew who it was but, apparently if you crash a car through the door then stand on it you can jump across to get the suit.


Good luck!

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Or you could use LithJoes Trainer to cycle through all tommy's outfits, Shift+B.

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