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Everything that I've done

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I had the slightest fear
that this would happen,
I thought that we were close
in this corrupted infection.


I would keep you safe if you needed,
Helpless and wounded,
But this world? it's crowded,
And now my heart is pounding.


Your eyes, they're bear,
Staring into my soul,
'Cause its not the lie to which I cry, 
its the heart you stole


We fight hard,
Cover each other,
We survive like the rest,
How could you lie to me 
Now that's the real test.


I can tell you know I know
But I feel it in my heart,
"We are gonna be ok"
Is that what you told me
Dying in your arms?


You held me in your grasp
When I was under a daze?
You did this to protect me,
But you sent us a blaze.


I mean look at everything we've been through,
Everything that I've done,
It cant be for nothing,
But what's done is done!


You can't go back and change the past,
Trust me if I could I would try,
But your protection shield that always covers me
Is beginning to break.


You did this for my own good
But Its not your decision


That one lie,
That one time,
It crushed everything we had,
Cause now I'm left thinking,
All that stuff you said is bad.


It's leaving me paranoid,
And maybe I'm over thinking it,
Maybe its not true,
But if you really really, untruthfully  "swear",
Then what good is all of this?


I'm scared of what's happening to me to happen to you,
I don't want you to die,
I can't lose you

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