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BF Motors Showroom/ SA-Style Car sketches & designs


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Okay, hello Everyone so this is my "showroom" of car designs I've made that fit the style of Vanilla San Andreas cars, this is all done because I'm unfortunately not good at modeling, so the best I've got is designing them, ideas are free to use and suggestions are open! I use IbisPaintX to design. Open for criticism.

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Here is a list of the vehicles



1968 Declasse Vigero STL



1997 Dewbauchee Bulldog



1957 Declasse Flamer



1957 Invetero Coquette Thunderhead



1984 Bravado Dreadwood



1996 Bravado Banshee Beast GTS



1989 Grotti Itali GTB



1980 Vapid Steed

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angeeell 301

What kind of roleplaying is this? I have no idea, but at least insert your images properly lol

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well my suggestion is the 1972 Pontiac firebird (imponte phoenix) I always wanted to see it in sa style

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On 1/12/2024 at 6:13 PM, richers said:

where can i download the vigero stl? it is done already?

no bro, they are conceptual arts made in ibispaint

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