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Can someone help me restore LCS songs on Android?


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As we all know, the licenses of several songs for LCS have expired because Rockstar Games is not interested in renewing the contracts of the songs with the exception of GTA 5 which was due to the high demand for online, it is quite obvious that they have renewed many of the song contracts so that they do not disappear so easily from this game


but that's another story, I wanted to restore the songs deleted from LCS on Android for 3 reasons

I want to have the original songs restored

I want to have them in good quality

and I want to learn how to make "mods" in this game


So does anyone know how I can do this? 🤔
I understand that this game also uses MP3 formats like in GTA 3 and GTA VC for radios
but obviously I don't know how to change these audios because the OBB files are encrypted so you can't access them very easily and I don't know how big they are so that the game doesn't crash

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Playing on ppsspp probably will be the easier way or you could add removed music to custom radio folder.

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