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Would there be a literal PC In the Beginning Warp after Shakedown is completed in the future?


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A cheated demonstration of PC In The Beginning Warp, not a literal one.

It seems that, like what pr0jek- showed on mobile, we could probably find a wrong warp to activate In the Beginning with a phone call, after Shakedown is completed.

The warp is essential lol, as we could obtain an AP/UC Admiral from In the Beginning as mobile players do, on PC with Waste The Wife & Pole Position Club Purchase. Relevant details could be found in the latest post of Vice City Special Vehicle Guide[2019].

The hurricane warning warp is so inspiring that I'm convinced that we would be able to find a warp using mission combinations including side missions.

I guess that the warp features activating In the Beginning after the previously activated mission failed, as several Definitive Goto0 & Mobile Goto0 videos show. 

So would there be a literal PC In the Beginning Warp after Shakedown is completed in the future? Will we find a practical warp except SSU? I hope that some suggestions could be offered. Thank you guys.

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I'm not sure whether the whole process involves asset purchasing.

Or you could simple activate side missions which would end automatically later and activate In The Beginning with a phone call after you've activated an appropriate mission combination before?

I think except OM1 Rampage Death, the warp ought to feature a mission failure of a corresponding side mission.

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On PC International, I use SSU Timing 44487 to perform In The Beginning Warp, which corresponds "start_mission 1(intro)".


After Intro Mission is over, I found that I can't enter Malibu Club and Vercetti Estate, Rampage goes wrong so I can't reach a 100%, I receive Leo call again which comes right after Back Alley Brawl, I fail to proceed RC Missions, Vigilante and Firefighter Mission normally since they're always duped due to the f**king NG+.


It seems that the game actually doesn't merely activate Intro mission, it also make some strange changes which bother me a lot. So I don't think SSU is a practical route for the Intro AP Admiral ----- Too many unacceptable side effects !


Here is the save where I perform SSU completing story missions till Cop Land and Road Kill Mission Enjoy it? No! Various bugs! Hell no!!!!!!


I hope there exist a wrong warp which could work well, I wouldn't do further research into this kind of bullsh*t.

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Video Link

ACE goto0 is confirmed worked on PC Retail 1.0. I take "Ping Pong in Vice City"  for reference and edit "pingpong_acen.scm" to make it identical to "main.scm" except 'HELP_2932();
load_and_launch_mission_internal 1 // Bar Brawl'.

At present there is a literal In The Beginning Warp, thank you vofel and gael.

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