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Change the banner (Maybe with GTA VI trailer screenshots)

Mário César Baldessar Moro

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Mário César Baldessar Moro

I'm not very active on the forum, but I have the impression that the current banner, shown below, has been there for years.




It's an excellent image, but think about how many hundreds of equally excellent banners could easily be made with this same concept, with the tons of images from the GTA series  that we have (in my personal opinion, this "degrade" concept is perfect, and it would never need to change.)


In fact, the banner could be changed from time to time, which would continue to make the site beautiful, and maintaining its identity,with the added surprise of we always appreciating different images from the series.


Plus, think about the meaning that GTA VI has at this moment, and how gtaforums deserve a banner with the images we already have of the game, from the trailer.


Do you think my idea is viable, and that its application would be good for the website, or not?


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