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The game is locked behind GTA+ now... Keep your receipts kids!


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So just a quick PSA for anyone who plays CW on android... R* have changed the game from a single-purchase model to a sub model which requires GTA+


Once signing in to social club [that's a rant for another time], you can present proof of purchase and they will unlock the game for you on their end. This requires going into the google play account purchase history and finding the receipt with the transaction ID. Just showing the email receipt is not enough evidently.


To be fair on the support staff they were super quick to unlock the game after sending them the info... but damn its crap like this which really bothers me about the current state of gaming. Why should we have to prove ownership of something we already purchased just because they changed the payment model on their end? I hate to think how many people just hit sub on GTA+ because its the "easier" option.

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