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Most amount of hours you’ve put into a game

Harwood Butch3r

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With the job I have, it's not as easy anymore to immerse myself and get sunk in to a game as it was a few years back, so nowadays my most played games tend to be MP, something I can just fire up and jump in and out of whenever I fancy. This is the reasoning behind my embarrassment at the hours I've racked up on Rocket League over the past couple of years. My Xbox stats alone say just over 31 days played, and add to that the 382 hours I have racked up on my PlayStation too. I hate the game. 


But yeah, MP and Racing games have been my go-to for the last few years due to life. On the Xbox Side, I'd say Forza Horizon 4 has been my most played since it's release (it became religion that every Thursday was a Forza night just to Complete the playlist, followed by enjoying the rewards for the rest of the week). 27 Daysis what my Xbox is saying. 


I dread to think what my stats on Modern Warfare 2 were back in the day. I'd say I was spending at least 4/5 hours every day on that game for it's life span. That was before a guy on here introduced me to Battlefield BC2, and pretty much got me off of CoD for good. Battlefield 4 must have racked me up some major hours over time. 


No console war digging here at all, but when I got my PS4, I was able to become hooked on just single games, so games like Horizon, Last Of Us, Spiderman, Ghost Of Tsushima etc have all racked up decent play hours (for me, anyway). 


Over on my Switch, my most played game as of now is [b] Breath Of The Wild[/b], currently sat at like 250 hours, followed by Tears Of The Kingdomon like 130 hours. 


In life, genuinely I'd say Ocarina Of Time is my #1 most played game ever is, as cliche as that is for those that know me. Multiple play throughs over the years, on nearly every Nintendo system, 1000's of hours must be racked up on that. 






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On 12/4/2023 at 10:11 AM, smokeless6 said:

 My highest play time on Steam is Europa Universalis at 3,433.


3,820 now.  I can't stop. Help me.

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7658 hours -  Fallout 4

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Aside the others ones I mentioned before here, I am nearing 900 hours on Tekken 8 too. It only released few months ago. It's mostly because I am in practice mode/lounge, a lot of idling you could say? But well the game is way too fun to me even if difficult and I play most characters.


People have been complaining about the balance, sure there's some problems, mostly with the new mechanics but the main issue with this one to me is the ranking system, how much easier they made it to reach final ranks, even though that was never in past games. They removed like 16 ranks.


Well the next game that I will absolutely reach so many hours is GTA VI for sure.

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Giga Chad

I started playing Jetpack Joyride everyday since it was first released (2011). I still play it today on a daily basis for I guess 2 hours per day. You do the maths 🫵

A Giga Chad is the kind of man who inspires others to be better, do better, and live better.

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Agent Edward

Somewhere between 3000 and 4000 hours in RDR2, but the amount of time I'll spend playing GTA6 ain't even funny, it will be like a second life.

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It's probably a toss up between GTA V and SA. I know the stats for V/Online thanks to PSN which is 2300 hours but don't know how much I played SA back in the day. But it's probably close.

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