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Is it possible to avoid the Pay 'n' Spray during the Drive-By mission?


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I'm trying to 100% the game no Pay 'n' Spray visits but this one seems to be unavoidable.


I've been trying so many different approaches to this mission attempting to exploit the mechanics but I can't find a way to complete it without painting the car or using police bribes which I'm trying to avoid.


Does anyone know if this is even possible?

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hello @AdrianEon31 i think we have discussed this before.. 😃


According to my thoughts and experiments there should be a HACKY way to remove the wanted level before the drive-by mission but you need to consider "+1 mission attempt" and maybe "suicide"..


Some speedrunners were used to trigger OM0 (ONMISSION = 0) with 8 Track + high priority phonecall and some other stuff to "dupe" the drive-by mission and freeze the wanted level. During this duped mission they were saving the game reloading and complete the mission... maybe they were killing the CJ.. i don't know.. ask the speedrunners or some glitch experts.. like @rhans..


If you would like me to edit this mission i can easily edit and send the main.scm to you but it won't be legit.. 🙂


Other than that you can just use a CLEO Trainer like RZL Trainer and remove the wanted level.. 😎

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Yes, you can dupe Drive-By to avoud increasing Pay 'n' Spray visits. But you will have to choose either skipping Sweet`s girl (which gives + 7 respect and you will instead only get + 6 from the duped Drive-By, making you lose 1 respect) or you can chose to fail the duped Drive-By, but this means getting + 2 mission attempts:



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