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Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition coming in early 2024


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Just revealed ... cannot wait, hopefully they do it justice!


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Screens have leaked and they aint great, in some it looks much worse, although Ubi have came out and said they're not final or representative of the final version but we'll have to see about that.

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Ye, that one comparison with the jetski and the water was horrifying ... if it is anywhere an indication of the final product then oof.

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I've never played it but got curious when they "announced" bge2 (😭) I will definitely pick this up In hope they continue the story for part 2 ❤️ and I've followed the devs(their progress/ announcements) until they ghosted us. 

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Yea if 2 ever comes out it'll be literally nothing like what we saw years ago I think.


I'm speculating but I feel like BG&E2 was a creative project Ubi greenlit when they were doing well, they had the time and money to fund a passion project to keep some of their long standing creatives that they wanted to keep around. Problem is, a lot of the people were behind it have left I believe, so at this point it feels like a rotting corpse of a project that they're too deep into to just shelve, but now have no idea what to do with.


It could well get binned at some point, but it wouldn't surprise me if they grab the best ideas and assets from it and turn it into a generic Ubi open world game in future.

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I think I played it as a demo on the PS2 back then, don't remember anything of it but looking at clips again on youtube looks very unique.

Many people never played this one I think, like it's one of those underrated ones, I rarely heard of it. It's a good way for a remaster to be out before people pick the new one, will get more people to it. There might be news finally for the sequel next year. .... . . . . ??


I'll add too, I have the PC version but never played it, started it now and it was just so laggy on lowest possible resolution:kekw: (there's some fixes so I'll try and see if there's any difference, found it interesting..)

So far I can't save, and the keyboard settings are really weird, main menu clearly designed for ps2..

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