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Really need a savegame file for after BOMBS AWAY


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Forget it...I can't do it.

Please post a save game for right after this level...will pay you good $$$$.



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Is that the mission with the RC helicopter you have to guide thru the building site?


I have some old saves left, one of them might be right after that one - i found it bloody hard, so i'd probably saved right after :)


edit: nm, the solution offered above is better...



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I'm pretty sure this level is the one where you use a RC plane to bomb the cubans

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Hi Yes, it is the one with the Cubans on the dock.

Iguanna....thank you for the offer.  I'll email you the savefile later on OK?  Much thanks.

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Why would you want somebody's save file from after that mission? I mean, they could've done tons of other sh*t that you haven't, it just doesn't seem worth it...


Just keep at it. Took me like 6 or 7 times to do it the first time, maybe even more, but I did it eventually.

user posted image
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you can also, if you need practice like I did, go on top of the mall's parking lot and use the top fun van. I beat it after I did that...

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Try this;


Don't fly the planes, DRIVE them.  If you go slow enough you can drive the planes over to where the gang members and thier boats are.  You can run over them to kill them.  You have to run over them like 3 or 4 times tho. They don't shoot at you, they just stand there.  I was even able to push a couple off the dock to kill them.


Then jump the plane on to a boat and drop the bomb and blow up a boat and the plane.  Use the next two to blow up the other 2 boats.


Dumb mission.  This is Grand Theft AUTO , not Grant Theft Remote Control Plane, or Remote Control Helicopter, or GT Boat, or GT Sea Plane, etc!



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