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VC - Undefinified Miami and GTA3script issues


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So I'm trying to use the gta3script VS Code extension/compiler and the Undefinified Miami scripts for just some minor changes to the vanilla VC SCM, but for some reason the compiler doesn't seem to like range.sc (the shooting range side-mission) very much when compiling:



In this particular case I don't really need the shooting range, so I could just comment out the line that launches the shooting range mission, but I would really like to know what's up with this or if there's a better way to fix it if I did want to have it.


Another thing, does the gta3script compiler straight-up not support IS_JAPANESE_GAME? It just says it's an "unknown command" when using the JP scripts.

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51 minutes ago, ArmanCan said:

@Mhmd_FVC most proper approach to .scm files is Sanny Builder.. you should get and find out how to edit..

Sure, but both managing projects and developing with gta3script is much better. I've done some small mods using both.

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