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Why are Peds getting stuck in this loop when entering vehicles? [SOLVED]


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Video of pathfinding loop


Code I'm using:

private static bool pedEnteringVehicle = false;
        private static void WaitForPedToEnterVehicle()
            var playerChar = Game.Player.Character;
            currentVehicle = playerChar.CurrentVehicle;

            if (Methods.enteringVehicle == false)
                passenger.AlwaysKeepTask = true;
                Methods.PedEnterVehicle(currentVehicle, passenger);
                //pedEnteringVehicle = true;

//pedEnteringVehicle is another one time variable i was experimenting with


public static void PedEnterVehicle(Vehicle vehicle, Ped ped)
            Random random = new Random();
            List<VehicleSeat> seats = new List<VehicleSeat>() { VehicleSeat.RightFront, VehicleSeat.LeftRear, VehicleSeat.RightRear };

            if (!Game.Player.Character.IsInVehicle()) return;

            if (vehicle != null && inVehicle == false && enteringVehicle == false)
                VehicleSeat RandomSeat = seats[random.Next(0, seats.Count)];

                if (!vehicle.IsSeatFree(RandomSeat))
                    RandomSeat = seats[random.Next(0, seats.Count)];
                    ped.Task.EnterVehicle(vehicle, RandomSeat);


Not been able to figure out why the Ped is getting stuck in this infinite pathfinding loop. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


EDIT: Thought I'd also add the PedVehicleChecks method which is being called regularly.

public static void PedVehicleChecks()
            if (RideMission.activeMission == false) return;
            if (RideMission.passenger == null || !RideMission.passenger.Exists()) return;
            if (RideMission.currentVehicle == null) return;

            if (RideMission.passenger.IsInVehicle(RideMission.currentVehicle))
                inVehicle = true;

            if (!RideMission.passenger.IsInVehicle(RideMission.currentVehicle) && enteringVehicle == false)
                inVehicle = false;

            if (RideMission.passenger.IsGettingIntoVehicle)
                enteringVehicle = true;
            else { enteringVehicle = false; }


EDIT 2: Upon posting this just figured, if its calling the PedEnterVehicle method whenever the Ped stops entering the vehicle, it's going to choose a new random seat causing the Ped to be confused. Will try this fix and remove this topic if this is the case.


SOLUTION: My second edit has corrected the issue! However I'll leave this up in the event someone else runs into this same issue.

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