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ideas for GTA III prequels and sequels


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I was lookign back at GTA III. I was thinking that I wish we could have gotten more prequels, and a sequel.


A 3 different protagonist game like V. Where you play as the Forelli brothers. Sonny,  Marco, and Mike Forelli. That way you see their rise as the most powerful family and their eventual decline.


I would have like to have seen a a game where you play as young Salvatore in a different era, giving us Liberty city in a different era.

Maybe a young Uncle Leone where you start off as him, giving us Liberty city in a different era.


A game where you play as Massimo Torini. It would be cool to see a 3d-era gta version of Italy. They can give us a few different areas like they did with San Andreas.

For a sequel maybe you can have an you associate rising up thru the mob ranks in a post Claude Liberty city. You can see the aftermath of the mess Claude left the city in. Liberty City had the mafia involved in politics, work unions things like that that were initially explore in liberty stories.

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