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Making CLEO Mods for GTA SA


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I always wondering how i can make a CLEO mods that can create a encounter for a entity. Example: I want to create a CLEO mods that will spawn a peds with custom model. I want the mod itself to spawn the peds (that were using custom .dff and .txd) in a location i choose in San Andreas. I want to make the player to trigger the mods within the area i choose (Example: If player were in 10 meter radius area, the CLEO script will be triggered).



My idea is to make a myth mods. I want to make it just like the Leatherface Myth mods in GTAinside website: https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods-322/130817-leatherface-myth-v2-0/



It makes the script triggered to spawn the Leatherface when we approach the specified area. Plus, it start with a small cutscene before we gonna fight the Leatherface (Just try the mods and you'll understand what i meant).


If anyone is a expert at making CLEO mods/script, please tell me how do i create this kind of CLEO mods!


EDIT: I also want to know how to make the ped spawn on the time i choose (Example: The ped will be able to spawn at 23.00-06.00).


I want to make them be a hostile to player, so that it will attack the player.


I need the ped to use a custom skin, and NOT replace file (Example: "monster.dff" "monster.txd" and not "bigsmoke.dff" "bigsmoke.txd" like what i have said, to use a custom and NOT to replace).




I also want, when the player triggered the script, some subtitle text will appear (Example: Bigfoot is coming!) before the player will encounter the entity. 


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