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Song + Weather + Day/Night


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What’s your favorite song in LCS and what weather and day or night does it fit perfectly? For me it’s 


Vanilla Smoothie Keep Dreaming. Rainy/Foggy Night/early morning 

Nina Bassmatic. Windy night time early morning

Credit Check Get down . Sunny Morning Afternoon.

Fat Joe ft Big Pun Twinz. Sunny/Foggy Evening night/foggy night. What about you guys? 

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Ron Trent - Altered States, midday, clear weather


Eddie Amador - House Music, late afternoon/evening/sunset, sunny weather


Hyper On Experience - Disturbance (Tango remix), late night/early morning, foggy weather


Some of the best atmospheres/"vibes" I've ever felt in a GTA, or any game.

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