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Can VC load a new ifp in asi or cleo?


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i know OP 04ED: load_animation 'xxxx' can load an ifp,but this will replace the original animation.

Is there any way to dynamically add new animations to the animation group?

I found the original function that removes the last animation file, which is executed after the cutscene has finished playing.



CAnimManager::RemoveLastAnimFile(void) / int sub_404A00()

I tried executing it directly, or loading the ifp with CLEO and executing it(Because I don't know how to load animations using C++),they all failed,The game reported an error.

Is it possible to dynamically load and cull animation groups through ASI, and how should I use C++ to load animation groups?

I tried searching for the OP source code of 04ED, but couldn't find anything.😔

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