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stuck at saving salvatora mission in stanton island


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its the one you need to go with the limozine.


its the problem with the aiming of this game. if i had a mouse i would end it easly


so basically i dont have enough money to buy AK 47 or a sniper rifle which will get me the advantage of shooting them from far away. but thats just part 1 of the mission. when you actually reach salvatore the entire ally has like 20-30 not kidding. enemies. which they are all from close range and its nearly impossible to last. because they are at close range all of them i cant kill them fast enough


i dont know if anyone ever said this. and i did played some vcs as well so i can maybe confirm this. those games are by far the hardest in the series. those are like the dark souls of gta games. 


i have another hard mission which i need to steer the vote for donald love. it also a pain because its a long ride from checkpoint to checkpoint and my car get dameged and goes on fire


it was hard enough until now and its harder now. 

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The fact that games are harder than the rest of the GTA series has often been written about in other topics. So how can we help you? :)


Like the classic GTA games?          Play The Chain Game!

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Set it to auto aim or you can go back to Portland do the 9mm mayhem glitch where you can cop a heavy PCJ glitch to shoreside vale grab the M60 from top of the hanger and go to witchita gardens and do awol angel over and over till you get max ammo on M60. M60 makes these missions super easy! Albeit I’m not a fan on how one of loves missions your forced to discard the M60 for a flame thrower! 

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