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Should I play side missions before plot?


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I finished gta 3 and everyone recommands to do side missions before the main mission since as far you are in the story you gain more hostile gangs that attack you.

LCS is in the same city and also has gangs.

Should I play side missions before I continue? I have done like 15 missions so far and I am not sure if the same rhing in gta 3 happens here too


And another question,what do you think of the side missions? Are they good or meh?



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As a whole, there's more side missions, compared to III, some have pretty fair rewards, others not so much. In any 3D GTA, I recommend, that you do Vigilante, Firefighter and Paramedic as soon as you can, so that you benefit from the rewards (improved armor, immunity to fire and infinite sprint) for the duration of the game. Also, complete the Noodleboy and Well Snacked Pizza oddjobs as early as you can, because they give you extra health (Well Snacked Pizza is at Staunton Island, so you'll have to complete "Driving MR. Leone" first, unless you use a trick to get to an island first). And collect as many hidden packages as you can, to unlock guns at your safehouse.

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