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My script


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Ok, so, I got bored, so i wrote this. Tell me what you think.


LIBERTY CITY, October 29, 2003. 9:00 AM

Hazed light shines in through the dirty window of Ryan Kelly's window. (GTA3 guy) Ryan hears a loud knocking on his Shorside Vale apartment. Almost pounding. Ryan rolls out of his squeaky bed, and opens his door.

"What" He says, his voice still scratchy two years after being muted.


"You Ryan Kelly?" asks a man in a black armani suit, dark sunglasses. They gave him an almost machine like personality.


"Yeah", replies Ryan.


Suddenly, Ryan is Gagged with cloroform.


Ryan awakes several hours later. He can tell by the loud foghorns that he is at the Portland docks. Ryan is tied up to a chair in a dank warehouse. It reeked of fish and something more human. A lone shaded figure in a wheelchair sits in the shadows. The man has one of his guards push him out into the light.


The man is Salvatore Leone.


"Hello Fido."


"My name is Ryan, you greasy old prick."


"Fido, Fido! is that anyway to greet an old friend? Hey, Sammy, make him comfortable."


A burly man smacks Ryan, and he falls backward in his chair.


"Pick him up."


Ryan is proped up again.


"I killed you.", stated Ryan.


"Your pretty sloppy kid, you didn't make sure you finished the job. But don't worry, I will make sure I WILL."


Another man takes out a needle and ties a strip of rubber around Ryan's arm, finds a vein.


The old mobster then says, "Its fulla bleach. Consider it a gift from me, to you. Louie, get me outta here, I don't wanna see this sh*t."


Salvatore is wheeled out of the room.


Ryan feel's the cold needle bieng pushed into his skin. Whithin a few seconds, he will be dead. Just another mafia victim, another face in the crowd.


"No. Its not going to end that way" Ryan assures himself.


Boom. One explosion. But it was one hell of a bang. Ryan opens his eyes. Trough the dust,he sees 8-balls grinning face.


"You son of a b*tch" Ryan laughs.


"Help me outta these ropes."


8-ball unties Ryan. They both start to run out of the rubb;ed factory.


Unfortunatly, three men with MP5's are chasing them. They round a corner, Ryan stops 8ball. He sitcks his hand out from around the corner, and cpas a guard in the neck, Takes his MP5. Finnaly, they reach the exit.


Although, its a few stories down from where they are. Theres a huge hole in the wall. Ryan stops right at the edge, without falling over. Just in time.


"AHHHHH!" comes 8-ball screaming. and he knocks both himse;f and Ryan over the ledge, over looking the bay.


They fall to thier watery deaths.


Or so they think...



Wham, they land in a speed boat, lucky bastards.


The driver turns around and yells "WHERE THE f*ck DID YOU COME FROM!?"


They throw him off the boat. He is quickly vaporized by the highly toxic waters. Ryan drives. 8-ball looks over his shoulder, they are being pursued by three mafia boats.


Salvatore yells from the building, "I'LL KILL YOU SOMEDAY FIDO! AS GOD AS MY WITNESS!"


"EAT THIS, YOU GREASY ASSHOLES!" 8-ball yells as he throws a grenade into one of thier boats, exploding it on impact.


8-ball grabs the MP5, and blows another sky high.


They arrive at the Stuanton Island docks, ans steal a Cheetah.


A cop sees this, and calls for backup.


Ryan and 8-ball are now chased by Mafia sentinals, Limos, Police criusers and S.W.A.T vans


"Yo Ryan, we got to get to the Airport! Cops to the left of us, Mobsters to the right of us!"


They finnaly reach the DrawBridge to Shoreside, but, as luck would have it. the bridge is up.


"f*ck", 8-ball yells, "The bridge is out!"


"So." says Ryan, with a devilish grin.


Ryan goes full throttle, and rockets off the bridge.


With a screeching slam, they land on the other side. The mobsters, however, were not so lucky.


They hustle into the airport, and hop into the first commercial airline they see.


Ryan and 8-ball both fall to sleep. After all, thier only human, and its been a long day.


A PA speaker clears up.


"Uh....this is yer captin speaking, uh.... we're current;y criusing at about 3,000 feet to San Andreas. Its uh...roguhly......3:30 AM and uh.....there will be a slight delay, so uh.... we're probably gonna be touching down at about 6:00 AM. So, Tom, tell me more about this norwegian goat porn, make me horny. sh*t! the speakers on!!!!!" And with that, promptly shuts off.


Later that morning, Ryan and 8-ball Hitch a cab and head to the nearest Hotel.


VICE CITY, Leaf Links, October 29th, 9:55 AM


Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenburg are on the green, playing a round of golf. Tommy takes a putt, and makes the hole. He leans on his club.


"You know Ken, I'm thinking of getting out of this buisness.", says Tommy.


"Your talking crazy Tommy!" Ken cajoles. "You have been the owner of this town for 17 years, and you wanna give that up now?"


"No, no" says Tommy. "Just merely thinking out loud, I learned that from an old friend not to make accusations. I'm just saying its boring. Sitting on our asses, playing golf. I'm getting old Ken, i need to retire. Michael*** has been doing a great job organizeing things, deals to set up. I think I might give the business to him.


***NOTE, after being hired in 1995, Michael saved Tommy's life from a Hatain death squad using only a pistol. He has been a right hand man to Tommy ever scince. A trust almost as if he were Tommy's son.



Tommy's phone rings.


'Tommy, Tommy. You have to get back to the mansion." said Michaels voice in an almost errie tone.


Before Tommy could say anything more, Michael hangs up.


"Something wrong with Mikey?", inqiures Ken.


"Yeah, we gotta head back, probably some problem with one of Phil's mexican gun-runner enimies, wherever he is."





Meanwhile, at the Vercetti estate:


An aged man watches a ruffed up Mikey Croleone hang up the phone.


The dark figure asks, "Is he coming?"


"Yes." Michael replies.


"Good" Says the man. His name is Geogio Forelli.


"Well be waitin."


He then smacks the tied up Michael.



And, uh, thats it for now..

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gta phil gta

that is quite good, but maybe u should post ur stories in the general writers forum?


good idea though, you should make more

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hey nice job man. I think it is very well said and put. This is coming from a good story writing vice person.

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that is quite good, but maybe u should post ur stories in the general writers forum?


good idea though, you should make more

Well it is Vice City related, but I dont know...



As for the story, it is Amazing!, I enjoyed reading that, it obviously took a lotta work put into it, a very good job, And if you are doing some more, I cant wait to see it :p

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Damn, that IS good, as I'm reading it, I can picture everything perfectly in my head, as if I'm watching it, it's kinda weird. Keep editing this post as you write more. KTHX. :colgate:

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The GTA3 guy was named Ryan Kelly?  Or did you make that up?!...

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The GTA3 guy was named Ryan Kelly?  Or did you make that up?!...

He made it up, I Think the Gta: III guys name will forever remain a mystery, But like I said the stories great, maybe we could add to the story?

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The GTA3 guy was named Ryan Kelly?  Or did you make that up?!...

Heh, yeah, he did make that up, and I find it sorta suits him. Well the RYAN really does, Kelly goes pretty good aswell.


Everyone just called the guy in GTA3 "Fido", because that's what that chick, uhh, her name has left me at the moment, called him. :p



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Everyone just called the guy in GTA3 "Fido", because that's what that chick, uhh, her name has left me at the moment, called him.

Maria (sp?)


And that story was great, I can't wait to read the rest of the story, and I can't believe you left us hanging like that, lol. :p

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