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save, reload, Remove ipl, in game (SA)


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AddIplsNeededAtPosn(CVector const&posn) 0x4045B0

CIplStore::ClearIplsNeededAtPosn(void) 0x4045E0

CIplStore::LoadIpls(CVector posn,bool) 0x405170

bool CIplStore::Save(void) 0x5D5420


i try it crashes i have no idea wth is iplSlotIndex :( and playerNumber someone who knows it can help me :) thanks in advance and yea my engliz is bad


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//plugin::Call<0x4045B0, CVector const&>(posn);
0AA5: call_function 0x4045B0 num_params 1 pop 1 [posn]

0AA5: call_function 0x4045E0 num_params 0 pop 0

//plugin::CallAndReturn(iplSlotIndex, data, dataSize);
0AA7: call_function_return 0x406080 num_params 3 pop 3 [dataSize] [data] [iplSlotIndex] func_ret [bool]

0AA7: call_function_return 0x5D5420 num_params 0 pop 0 func_ret [bool]

I'm not sure if these will work. Seemann auto-converted these native functions from the SDK-plugin. Sometimes differences in formatting leads to errors in the conversion, or the original documentation is inaccurate.

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thanks for response 


i try some of this it don't work 


see this 

RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, 3366, 276.6563, 2023.7578, 16.6328, 0.25); this is what i need

i mean to this exact coordinate remove stuff it can be house tree or building or anything 

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after many try i can remove buildings now but collision still persist idk how to remove collision and yea want it with game memory any one knows it  ?

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