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what if cj didn’t rob salvatore


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what if cj hadn’t rob the casino

so as you know i’m making a similar gta series in an alternative universe, so in my series Federico Vittorio is inspired by salvatore leone, but he isn’t as narcissistic or paranoid, and he was never betrayed by CJ who is my universe is Jamal “Jay” Thompson Jay stays loyal to the vittorio family, so there for Federico never end up Betraying Claude who in my series is Carlos “Slient” Vega, and Federico is married to Adrianna Vittorio and his oldest Antonio vittorio (joey leone) is the underboss and his younger son Matteo is consligere, but have an affair with Sofia Luciano (Maria Latore) the caretaker of Adrianna, now sofia not as dramatic or delusional as Maria so she doesn’t tell Federico about affairs or don’t say she dating someone she isn’t even if she did federico wouldn’t react like salvatore because he doesn’t have that paranoia, also seen federico not a narcissistic he doesn’t get involved with woozie casino his character hadn’t been made yet and he also doesn’t hold kent paul and meceer hostage or ken rosenburg their characters hadn’t been made yet, instead does something nice for them, and he doesn’t hold a gun at toni cipriani who in my series will be Marco Romano, instead of Federico offering to make carlos sense he not italian, instead offered him to be a big part of the family as an associate, also in my series all the stories are connected unlike 3d and hd in gta, so i was thinking Niko Bellic who will be ivan will get to work for the vittorio family along with marco and carlos.

do you guys have any ideas how it would play out with a non narrastic and not paranoid salvatore, 

i would love to hear your suggestions, to help make this series



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This isn't a concept board. The Writer's Room is a place to run ideas. Not many people are going to speculate on the fanfiction. We'd rather just read it. 

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"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings."


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